A carefree holiday for you and your dog at Animal hotel De Klaverhoeve

  We trust that you like a carefree and nice holiday.  We try to give your dog the same.

Our device: Your holiday - your dog's holiday !

We can vividly imagine you feel a bit insecure about leaving your dog behind.  You can always visit us beforehand so that you can see where your dog is going to stay during the holidays.  This is possible from Monday to Friday between 16h00 and 18h00, Saturday between 16h00 and 17h00.  You don't have to make an appointment (except in the holiday season July and August - to secure our dogs' rest).

During the stay, feel free to contact us to ask questions about your dog.  You will get an honest answer.

We can assure you: problems hardly ever occur.  Dogs adapt very quickly and enjoy their meals, almost without exception.


De Klaverhoeve guarantees:

* Professional and thorough care
* Individual attention
* The necessary fur care
* Proper individual feeding
* Soft music
* Heating in winter and cooling in summer
* Careful administration or prescribed medication

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