A carefree holiday for you and your cat at Animal hotel De Klaverhoeve

  We trust that you like a carefree and nice holiday.  We try to give your cat the same.

Our device: Your holiday - your cat's holiday !

Cats adapt quickly, almost without exception and they always enjoy their meals.

We won't allow your cat(s) without the proper and neccesary vaccinations according to OUR preferences.

This is to protect your own cat and our other guests.  Please check the vaccinations thoroughly, not all vets handle the same vaccination procedure and use the same vaccins.  That is why we have our own vaccination policy.

Attention: if the vaccinations don't live up to our demands, we are obliged to refuse your animal(s).

If you have questions, problems or doubts, please contact us for further information.


The trumps of  Cat hotel De Klaverhoeve:

* Super service
* Best price / quality ratio
* Hyper designed kennels

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